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This is a region with many secrets to reveal.  Passing from north to south of the area, you pass across granite rock, limestone and shale, all within a stretch of only 50 km.  An outstanding flora and fauna and a characteristic local architecture create a landscape full of interest and charm. To the north, the Aubrac, with its herds of migratory cattle, is famous for its famous dish, Aligot, a delicious mix of mashed potato and cheese. The area of the Margeride, in the north eastern corner of the region, was once the hunting ground of the terrifying Beast of Gévaudan. The Mont Lozère rises to an altitude of 1500m, whilst the deep Chassezac gorge marks the boundary between the Lozère and the Ardèche.

    Further south is the National Park of the Cevennes, abounding with chestnuts, where a strong spirit of independence has left a legacy of resistance and anti-conformity, not least during the Second World War. The Lot valley winds its way across the region, and is the most populated zone within the department as a whole.
To the south west, the Tarn Gorge and the Grands Causses remain the least populated area, but perhaps the most beautiful.  Within the Regional Park of the Grands Causses, this is protected land.
Within easy reach, make sure that you visit these unmissable sites.
The Dargilan cave, known as the pink cave, is 1200m long and is a true underground wonder. The mass of rocks at Nîmes le Vieux on the Méjean Causse and at Montpellier le Vieux on the Black Causse are bound to fire your imagination. The farm museum at Hielzas on the Méjean Causse reconstructs the agricultural methods used by the farmers and peasants during the 1950s.
The Bateliers de la Malène take you by canoe and kayak through the Tarn Gorges, allowing you to view at your leisure some of the most spectacular sights along the way.  A little further afield you will find the Wolf sanctuary of the Gévaudan at Sainte Lucie, near to Marvejols ; the European Bison herd at Saint Alban sur Limagnole ; the adventure playground of Villaret ; Micropolis, the city of insects ; the Roquefort caves, where the famous cheese is produced ; the Templar towns of the Larzac ; the meteorological station of Mont Aigoual...

Tourist maps are available from the Tourist Information Office.



48150 Meyrueis
04 66 45 61 31

The magical cave, straight out of A Thousand and One Nights, is a *** tourist site.
A truly breathtaking cave, containing 400 stalagtites, including the world’s tallest.
A visit to the cave costs 8.50€ per adult and 5.80€ per child.

48210 La Malène
04 66 48 51 10

Guided tour of the Tarn by barge (8km/ 1 hour)
Per person : 20 €
Group rate : 17 € per person

Le Truel
05 65 62 69 69

Superb observatory from which to view the Gorges’ vulture population in action
adults : 6.5 € / Childrens : 3 €.

48120 Sainte Eulalie
04 66 31 40 40

Enjoy a guided tour of the bison park in a horse drawn cart.
Adults : 12 € / Childrens : 6.5 €.

48150 HELZAS
04 66 45 65 25

Visit a real, working farm straight out of the XIX century. Regional architecture, local furniture and linens, old agricultural tools and machinery, photographs of life as it used to be… learn about the lives of the inhabitants of the region up until the 1950s.

Adults: 5.5 € / Childrens : 2.20 € (free - 7 years)  Group rate adult: 4.5 €  Group rate school age: 2 €

48150 Meyrueis
La Grotte Rose
04 66 45 60 20

The largest cave on the Causses and the Cevennes.  *** listed site.
Visit the cave, adults : 8 € /  Childrens : 5  €.

48500 Saint Georges de Lévejac
04 66 48 81 18

View point over the Tarn Gorges
Free access and parking
Gift shop and refreshments available

48210 Les Vignes
04 66 48 81 40

    Le Pas de Soucy is one of the most important sites within the Tarn Gorges.est un des sites majeurs des Gorges du Tarn. A gigantic mass of rocks which overlooks the swirling Tarn far below at the bottom of the Gorge, from which the visitor can enjoy spectacular views from a viewing platform. A truly magnificent, deeply impressive site, epitomizing the age-old battle between water and rock that gave birth to this breath-taking landscape.

30750 Camprieu
04 67 82 60 78

Mysterious, unique and haunting, a subterranean river flows through an underground canyon.
New: return to your car quickly and easily through the new tunnel.
Visit the Abime de Bramabiau.
adults : 7.5 € / Childrens
: 3.5 à 5 €.

12720 Peyreleau
05 65 60 66 30

Promenade Take a walk through the Grands Causses.Promenade au coeur des grands causses
Teenagers : 4.45 / Adult group rate: 4.40 €  Teenagers group rate: 4.15 € Children group rate: 3.70 €
Come and discover an amazing world, where water, wind and rock have tussled with one another to create unique formations from the grey stone of the Black Causse.  Five walking circuits, all clearly signposted, offer something for every level of fitness and energy. There is even a little train for those whose energy levels (or numbers of children) make walking a less than attractive option. If you are feeling particularly sprightly, why not try out the fully supervised Via Ferrata (rope lined path, involving scrambling, climbing, walking and even swimming).
Whatever your level, you are bound to find an activity to suit you.


48100 saint leger de peyre
04 66 32 09 22

A unique animal sanctuary, providing a home to more than 100 wolves over 25 hectares of land. Visit the sanctuary to experience at first hand the behaviour of the wolf pack, find out more about these fabulous and mythicial animals from experts, and learn about the numerous stories and legends surrounding th wolf, including the blood-curdling story of the Beast of Gevaudan.

12780 Saint Léons
05 65 58 50 50

15 minutes away from the Millau Viaduct, Micropolis, otherwise known as the City of Insects, is a very special theme park.  Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of insects; butterflies, ants, tropical insects, bees, and more than 50 species. Micropolis boasts an indoor exhibition and a sensational outdoor trail.  New for 2009: ‘Insect Builders’ exhibition, from 4 April 2009.
Adult: 10.90 € low season, 11.50 € high season. Children (5/14 years oldans) : 7 € 40 low season, 7 € 80 high season, free entry for children under 5.


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